Mixing Science with Holistic Therapies to Find Healing Inside Out

My Background :

  • Columbia University
  • Columbia Presbyterian Hospital
  • United Nations Consultant
  • 5th Ave Private Practice in Manhattan
  • Director, Satchi Chrysalis Center, Los Angeles
  • Over 10 years clinical experience
  • Producer, Entertainment & Media
Why I love my job:

It’s amazing seeing people drop deadweight they’ve carried for years and be set free to live the lives they’ve envisioned!

What I’m known for

Getting to the root cause of an issue for transformational change.


Life Transitions, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, ADHD, Eating Disorders, Couples, & Stress Management for Executives 

What I Use

My unique elixir of CBT, DBT, Psychodynamic, Meditation/Mindfulness, wisdom from the 100s of psych/spirituality books I read for fun, and instinct! 

Why Satchi Chrysalis

Satchi (besides being my last name) means truth in Sanskrit. Therapy is all about discovering your truth, and then learning to live it!

A Chrysalis is a caterpillar that spins a golden-colored protective casing around it before it becomes a butterfly. Therapy helps us through these transitional spaces, so clients can become the beautiful creatures they were designed to be and take flight.

Chrysalis comes from the Greek word khrysos, which means gold. I love that the chrysalis casing is gold, as I’ve seen that there is beauty and value not only in the outcome, but in these transitional places. 

Fun Fact

I was named Class Psychiatrist and Love Doctor in the 8th grade. I was born to do this!  

Personal Note

I was born in NYC, and have lived in NY, LA, DC, Boston, CT, and Alicante, Spain.  I love writing, dancing, the beach, and seeing people heal.

In my own life, I live the whole physical-spiritual-mind approach to wellness, which includes a daily meditation, prayer, and yoga practice.  

My Deepest Thoughts…

on Healing, Love, & Life

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