Dushyanthi Satchi, LCSW

Columbia University, MS

Dushyanthi Satchi, LCSW

Columbia University, MS

Find Healing Inside Out

“The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to overcome,
to transform, 
to love and
to be greater
than our suffering.”

– unknown

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Hi I’m Dushyanthi!

Welcome to Satchi Chrysalis Center (SCC). I’m so glad you found me! I combine science with holistic therapies in my approach, which I call Healing Inside Out.
I’ve studied with the best of academics at Columbia University and meditated with the yogis in the jungles of India—and found both equally valuable in crafting my approach.

I’ve been in clinical practice for over a decade, and recently moved my New York 5th Ave private practice to sunny Los Angeles.  I’ve been published on CNN, Goop, and NPR.  Previously, I worked at the United Nations and was also a producer in the entertainment industry, so I understand the unique stresses of high-pressure environments.

And whether you are stuck because of a job, heartbreak, or a life challenge, I’m here to help you on your journey.

Yes, it is possible to not only survive in these chrysalis transitional places, but thrive—through the right mindset of change, surrender, and a balanced life.
This is transformative therapy! I find great joy in watching people shed the deadweight they’ve carried for years and move into a joyful life.  Through my BLOG & VLOG we will explore my healing strategies for Anxiety, Depression, Love, and Sex.  I’m so excited to share my tools with you!

*Now accepting clients in LA, limited capacity 

What my wonderful clients  say !

What I’m Know For

Getting to the root cause of an issue for transformational change.

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